How to sell innovation without promising pie in the sky

05 June 2015

It might be true that every man and his dog has a brilliant idea, but ideas are worth nothing until you can develop them into something tangible. So how do you distinguish yourself in the ideas business?

Data privacy, ethics, and the moving goal posts

13 May 2015

Customers are becoming increasingly concerned with how businesses use their data.

Out of work: Why entrepreneurs should do themselves out of a job

06 May 2015

For many founders, the success of a business rests heavily on their shoulders. No matter how much blood, sweat and tears have already gone into starting a business, without continual shedding of said fluids, it threatens to fall over.

Why your business needs a Watson

01 May 2015

In the future, this positions vacant ad could well be filled by the descendants of IBM’s Watson, a computer that has been taught to learn cognitively, a process that has already seen the system beat two US Jeopardy! champions and embark on a career in healthcare support.

Building deeper engagement with customers means more than likes or NPS

23 April 2015

The range of tools available to help your organisation and its brand build deeper levels of engagement with customers is expanding exponentially.

The Ideal Loyalty Program Is All About Data

15 January 2015

Less than half of consumers feel their loyalty program offers them ‘good benefits’. Businesses often focus too much on maximising returns and forget about the customer, writes James Forbes.

Do You Need A Chief Marketing Technologist?

23 October 2014

As marketers grapple with their ever-increasing responsibilities in technology, organisations are looking for ways in which they can better integrate the company’s marketing and IT functions. The Chief Marketing Technologist, or CMT, is an emergent executive role designed to facilitate that, but questions remain about whether it’s the right path for every organisation to take in Australian businesses.

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