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Marketing automation and campaign management

Data-driven marketing lets you engage people as individuals rather than a broad group. It means you can hit the right consumer, with the right message, via the right channel, at the right time. You’ll know if Larry is more likely to open an email at 9.00 am or 3.00 pm, how to get Julia to upgrade her plan or how to make sure Tom hangs up feeling happy. The benefits include more new customers, stronger retention of existing customers, and clever strategies for increasing a customer’s value to your business.

With so much data on an individual, in one view, you can target your message to connect with customers and influence buying behaviour, whether it’s online, on the phone, in the shop or via social media. All of which, ultimately, translates to finding the rich seam of sales and revenue gold that lies hidden in every business.


Customer analytics and experience management

By analysing your data we can help you better understand your customers’ attitudes and behaviours so you can give them the best possible experience.

This may be quantitative data from digital analytics tools that look at the numbers, like orders, click-throughs and conversions. Or it could be qualitative data, e.g., understanding how Tim interacted with your website and understanding why he struggled and how you can improve his experience.

Together, this data enables you to tailor the customer experience to the context of the individual. The result is more shopping cart conversions, email opens, click-throughs, sales and ’stickiness‘.

We can also crunch the data on your marketing investment to work out what’s working best for you. We can help you solve that vexed question of which marketing activity can be attributed to which sales, and even which creative strategy is working best.

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