Discover insights

Exploring and analysing data

This is like panning for gold. We’ll sift through the fine tailings of your data to find those precious nuggets of information that can help you project future revenue, optimise asset ROI, increase productivity, fast-track growth, reduce costs, minimise risk and much more. And we can also uncover patterns in the data that will enable you to improve efficiency, identify potential new markets or strategies to avoid, and much more. Some examples might include how many new trucks you’ll need to hit projected growth targets; how often to maintain or repair power lines; how to minimise fraudulent insurance claims, or what historical weather data tells you about a suburb’s insurance risk profile.

There are two approaches …


You come to us with a goal and we analyse your data for answers to questions like, how to better engage a demographic, make faster deliveries, minimise product returns or optimise your marketing spend.


You engage us to explore your data, and discover the productive and non-productive seams of gold underlying your business and its operations. You’ll learn the fabulous and the not-so-fabulous insights from things customers say about you, or why the red model sells more than the blue one, why construction keeps taking 12.8% longer than expected, and why that last marketing campaign didn’t strike gold in sales.


Presenting data

We understand that everyone consumes data differently, whether it’s infographics, dashboards, charts or maps. We can show you how to explore and present your data so that you, and your intended audience, can understand the overall landscape of your business, and how to find and follow those promising seams of gold. We’ll bring your data to life in the form of dashboards to track an individual’s performance, easily-digestible board reports for faster decision making, interactive charts to engage wavering investors, and much more. After all, data that’s easier to understand makes for better decisions, and that’s smart business.


Making predictions from data

We’ll help you to analyse your data so that you can make informed, strategic business decisions and plan for your future. We can help you identify things like, who’s going to buy or need what and when, and what they’ll buy or need next. We’ll help you plan the most effective preventive maintenance program by crunching the historical data of an asset’s performance, whether it’s power poles or tow trucks. We can even analyse weather trends to predict the likelihood of blackouts and severe storms. With the right data, we’re only limited by our collective experience and ideas.


Using data to improve your performance

We can show you how to use your data to optimise performance. In other words, less ’gut-feel‘ decisions and more data-driven outcomes. We’ll develop a set of data protocols and processes to ensure you get a regular flow of high-quality, controlled data sets that provide a current, and relevant, overview of your business performance. Imagine having easy access to information that lets you know how you’re performing against KPIs, how individual employees are tracking, whether you’re going to make the profit forecast this month, last month’s largest number of product faults, the number one reason for your customer’s complaints and commendations and anything else you need to know to stay on top of your game.

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