Oz Big Data meetup

08 February 2017

Please join us for an after-work talk on Data Visualisation and Analytics in Big Data environments. We’ll bring the pizza…

Qantas Infoready Talking Business Interview

This month Infoready is Talking Business on Q Radio

09 September 2016

Our Managing Director, Tristan Sternson talks data and the business benefits with Alan Kohler for the September Series of Talking…

INFOREADY to join Melbourne IT Group

16 March 2016

  INFOREADY will be joining the Melbourne IT Group who have today acquired shares in INFOREADY Pty Ltd. This is an…

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 4.06.00 PM

7 Take-aways from Gartner BI 2016

07 March 2016

If you missed Gartner’s Business Intelligence, Analytics & Information Management Summit 2016, read on to discover my 7 key take-aways…

driverless cars

Big Data Disruption – Driverless Cars

07 December 2015

After working late to hand off your projects ahead of a long-awaited family holiday, you summon a car with your smartphone app, which normally arrives in two minutes.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and the science of customer engagement

19 October 2015

There is no let up for today’s CMO who needs to be the master of an ever-increasing variety of trades.…


Marketers: Why You Need To Look Beyond The IT Guys

11 September 2014

The use of Technology in marketing is booming, however marketers do not have the skills needed to properly utilise this, argues James Forbes, head of digital and marketing at information management consultancy, InfoReady.

Taking advantage of analytics on a budget

13 August 2014

Small businesses can’t find big budgets for data analytics projects, but it’s still something worth investing in. Even the most basic of analytics strategies can yield significant results for a smaller organisation.


Bad data is costing your business; don’t rely on IT to fix it

06 August 2014

James Forbes of Infoready shares how marketers can improve data collection and management.

Breaking free from best practice

10 June 2014

Best practice is the beauty that has been courted by businesses for decades. But in today’s ‘agile’ world, it’s a love affair that’s in its final throes.

Data marketing: optimise what you’re already collecting before asking for more

22 May 2014

People in marketing are constantly being told how valuable customer data is, and how much of a competitive advantage it can provide an organisation.

Avoid TomTom’s no-no: the great data mining boom of 2014 and the three things your business must get right

20 February 2014

Many years ago, when gold was discovered at Ballarat, it kick-started an historical gold rush. While it lasted, people weren’t looking for the precious metal; they were simply finding it wherever they were.

Five challenges Big Data must overcome in 2014

22 January 2014

Australia might be at the end of the mining boom, but it’s just kicking off the data mining boom. Big data is going to be a truly hot topic in 2014, with IDC predicting that spend on big data technologies worldwide will grow by 30 per cent over the next year.

Why social analytics are so hard, but so vital

19 November 2013

By now everyone has heard the story of how Target in the US was able to figure out that a teenage girl was pregnant before her father. Controversy from that specific case aside, being able to engage with customers at that kind of depth is a holy grail for modern successful business.

What makes Big Data big?

12 November 2013

“Big data” is the buzz-phrase that’s being spouted by those who want to sound tech-forward, but what does it really mean?

Big Data doesn’t belong to IT

02 October 2013

When businesses hear the phrase “big data”, they often assume it’s a IT problem, best left to the techies. They couldn’t be more wrong.

Marketing and IT jump into bed for ‘Big Data’

26 August 2013

There are two things emerging marketing channels have in common: they’re based on technology and they’re social.

Data Warehouse Appliances – Should you consider one?

17 April 2013

Recent industry surveys have shown a steady increase in demand and uptake of data warehouse appliances.

Data Architecture – A comparative view

19 February 2013

Data is one of the most important assets to an Organization. However, just by collecting data does not mean an Organization is “enabled” to make quick, informed and smart business decisions.

Don’t Breach Your Customers’ Trust

11 February 2013

The New Zealand Privacy Commissioner’s Annual Report called 2012 “The Year of the Data Breach”. So what will you and your organization do in 2013? Will you be a statistic or will your organization protect its customers, brand and reputation?

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