Case Study: ANZ getting the right answers quickly

By September 28, 2018

When ANZ employees had questions about specific policies, they were finding it hard to get the right answers quickly. The ANZ Risk team wanted to create a more engaging experience for their employees – something that would improve their understanding of ANZ policies, without forcing them to wade through dense and complicated policy documents.

The challenge presented to us was how to supply all the policy information their staff would need, in a form that was simple, engaging and efficient. We came up with the idea for a chatbot – cheekily called Polli – that could take all the hard work out of asking and answering policy questions.

We chose to build Polli entirely in AWS. The range of services available and the simplicity of connecting them meant we could ramp up quickly, and start developing as soon as possible. Plus Amazon Lex – which is the number one natural language tool in the world – was a vital component in allowing us to build a voice that felt more like a person than a robot.

In fact, in just eight weeks we were able to give Polli a genuinely unique personality – and one that the staff users could really relate to – while still ensuring she held the right advice for all details of ANZ policy. Polli’s conversational style is playful and friendly, but still gives users confidence they’re getting the correct information.

Polli is a truly innovative product that shows how emerging technologies can transform business operations. ANZ staff love talking to Polli, and we’re now working with ANZ to give Polli more features and deliver more value to everyone who speaks to her.