May 2015

Customers are becoming increasingly concerned with how businesses use their data.

For many founders, the success of a business rests heavily on their shoulders. No matter how much blood, sweat and tears have already gone into starting a business, without continual shedding of said fluids, it threatens to fall over.

This is a huge issue for both the business, in terms of its continuity, and the founder, who risks burnout.

It’s no secret that success for most business owners comes from working on the business, not in the business. You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s rare for founders to share how and why they transitioned.

Wanted: Business analyst. Must be able to support decision-making with sound research. Fast learners will be considered favourably

In the future, this positions vacant ad could well be filled by the descendants of IBM’s Watson, a computer that has been taught to learn cognitively, a process that has already seen the system beat two US Jeopardy! champions and embark on a career in healthcare support.