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Infoready, part of Arq Group, is a leading Australian information management and business intelligence consultancy. We help organisations build success with smart ideas and innovative data-driven solutions.

Make your data mean something

There is a huge amount of data generated each day and many ways to collect it. But having data is not enough, it must generate value for your business, whether that’s by increasing profitability, streamlining processes or heightening engagement and customer loyalty.

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At Infoready, looking after data is what we do. We’re experts in the collection, storage (warehousing) and management of data. From disparate sources, we can clean, aggregate and establish a single view for customers, assets or products–delivering the insight and understanding that inspires better business decisions.

Our commitment to security and good governance is second to none. Data can be sensitive, and privacy laws are becoming ever more stringent. You can trust our years of experience and elite industry expertise to keep your data secure, compliant and available when you need it.

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Generating insights and value

Like panning for gold, we uncover all the valuable nuggets lying obscured by day-to-day silt in the streams, rivers and lakes of data we collect. The difference is, that with our tools, processes and expertise, we don’t have to rely on luck to strike it rich.

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Expert data analysis can be immensely valuable, whether it’s helping to project future revenue, optimise asset ROI, increase productivity and fast-track growth or reducing costs and minimising risk exposure.

Infoready can explore, mine, analyse and interpret your data, uncovering patterns and presenting it back in new ways to generate insights, make predictions, improve performance and deliver return on your investment. We have data solutions for everything from advanced predictive algorithms to simple automation for management and financial reporting – saving you time and money.

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Get the smarts to act on intelligence

Whether your data reveals trends in a segment, divergences by demographic or a detailed single view at the individual level, using data to drive marketing can be incredibly effective. Getting the right message, to the right person, at the right time could be the difference between you and your competition.

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Creating great user experiences relies completely on knowing your audience and the ability to tailor experiences to their individual context. This means that understanding customers’ behaviours, attitudes, preferences and biases is crucial to giving them what they want.

To build this understanding, we work with quantitative data like views, orders, clicks and conversions, and qualitative data that helps understand customer interactions, their feedback, and what it means. With expert data analysis, you don’t have to guess – you’ll know the answers.

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At the heart of a business growth engine

As part of Arq Group, Infoready forms the data and analytics centre of excellence within a company whose expertise spans across mobile and web applications, cloud, security and data solutions. This uniquely positions us to use data in digital transformation that fuels your business growth.


Data Integration, Migration & Storage


Data Governance & Security


Business Intelligence, Visualisation & Analytics


Data-Driven Marketing & Customer Analytics

Infoready can achieve your goals

Working with our clients as partners on their project, we provide end-to-end consultancy and technical services to help conceive, build and support your data-driven solution.





Our partners

We are passionate about what data can tell us. Our objective is to help our customers join the dots by uncovering new patterns, discovering solutions and revealing growth opportunities.

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Learn how we are empowering leading Australian brands to stay ahead of the competition.

Case Study: Landmark gains data insights for decision-making

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Landmark supplies more than half of Australia’s graziers and crop farmers with agricultural products, with coverage across more than 5000 farms and 43,000 paddocks. Infoready was engaged to deliver a…

Case Study: ANZ getting the right answers quickly

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When ANZ employees had questions about specific policies, they were finding it hard to get the right answers quickly. The ANZ Risk team wanted to create a more engaging experience…

Case Study: Telco Utilises Data to Improve Customer Experience

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One of Australia’s biggest telcos was experiencing strong growth in call numbers to their call centres, leading to increased wait times, lost sales, and frustrated customers. The telco wanted to…

Case Study: Forwood Analyse Critical Controls to Improve Operational Efficiency

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Forwood is a cutting edge software and consulting company that specializes in operational risk management tools for high risk industries. Forwood’s Flagship Product; the Critical Risk Management (CRM) System changes…

Recognised as the experts, by the experts

We are a proudly Australian company achieving international recognition.

Infoready was included in Gartner Market Guide for Data & Analytics Service Providers (June 2017)

This is a testament to the completeness of our offering and our strong track record of helping our customers achieve success.

This standard is upheld throughout our company. In 2017, Arq Group (at the time Melbourne IT) was recognised as a Challenger in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Managed Service Providers, Worldwide.

Our customers

Our customers include some of Australia’s leading organisations across a wide range of sectors.

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